What is Kidrent ?

Pack N Play & Stroller Rentals

Kidmoto provides transportation convenience and safety for travelers. It is a mobile app that connects travelers to professional drivers offering innovative kid-friendly services. Kidmoto drivers also provide Pack N Play Playard rentals and stroller rentals for your convenience.

With Kidmoto, you can arrange for safety but also useful services like Pack N Play Playards and Stroller rentals. It is convenient and useful when you are travelling with little children. Instead of bringing your own baby equipment, which by the way could be very heavy and inconvenient to bring along during a trip, you can rent them all from Kidmoto. Aside from the car seats, you can also rent a stroller and a Pack and Play Playpens. Try the convenience of equipment rental with Kidmoto next time you are travelling to New York City with your little children, this baby furniture would be of great help. You will need a safe place to put your baby into while in the hotel room. If you need to go around town, the stroller is very useful as well. You and your baby will not be stressed out because the little toddler will be safe and comfortable in the stroller.

Instead of buying one or bringing your own, it is more practical to rent them on a daily basis during your stay in New York. You can rent the Pack and Play for $19 a day and the strollers for $15 per day. The cost of renting the baby equipment will be billed to you along with your return trip to the airport. This is another innovation from Kidmoto Technologies. So on your next trip to New York, keep Kidmoto in mind.

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