Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Airport travel changes, flights are delayed, and things happen. Kidmoto has a cancellation policy that’s flexible for customers and supports the professional driver network. Kidmoto is customer centric and will not charge cancellation fees (and any applicable ride-related expenses) if the passenger cancels within an appropriate time.

When you are traveling, sometimes the unforeseeable happens. No matter how well you planned your trip, something happens and everything that was straightened out goes haywire. Sometimes your flight will get canceled and your only option is to rebook another flight to get to your destination. Or sometimes for whatever reason, you have to cancel your trip altogether. These are events that you cannot control. It does pose a great inconvenience especially when you already booked reservations for your hotel accommodations and car rental services, among others.

Not all transportation services can be as accommodating as Kidmoto. You will find that some services will charge you a hefty fee if you don’t cancel on time for whatever reason. That’s a load of money down the drain which you could have used to buy another plane ticket or pay for your other future travel expenses.

At Kidmoto, we have a customer-friendly cancellation policy. We are willing to waive any fee for cancellation as long as you inform us at least one hour before your scheduled ride. If, however, you have cancelled less than an hour before your scheduled ride, you’ll have to pay the entire estimated fare.

This cancellation policy does not only look into customers’ welfare but also that of our partner drivers. Inasmuch as we want to consider just the customer, we also take care of our partners. Protection Status

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