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Your young children deserve the best when traveling to and from the airports.  Car seats are important for their maximum safety. Other major car transportation providers don’t provide car seats. They ignore the safety concerns of parents with young children. Kidmoto is different.

Welcome to Kidmoto.
Kidmoto solves problems for parents seeking airport car transportation.  Major car services do not provide pre-harnessed and pre-installed car seats for child passengers, leaving children vulnerable to injuries, in case of an accident.  Kidmoto offers a safe alternative.
Kidmoto is a mobile app connecting families with young children seeking taxis to New York City licensed & insured livery drivers.  These drivers provide pre-harnessed and pre-installed convertible car seats for infants, toddlers, small and large children.  This service is not offered by any of the major providers in the NYC marketplace.
At Kidmoto, professional drivers are trained as child seat installers. You can relax that your child will be safe when you ride with us.  Kidmoto provides transportation in 3 different vehicle classes- sedans, minivans, and large SUVs. These vehicles can be equipped with 1 to 4 car seats.
Kidmoto connects parents to screened, vetted, trained and qualified professional drivers.  Drivers use their own registered, insured and safety inspected livery vehicles to provide reliable transportation services.  The driver recruitment process promotes a safe environment for both the driver and the passengers.  Drivers undergo rigorous employment screening which includes local and national criminal, terrorist, and sex offender registry searches.  You can be confident in our drivers.

CEO and Founder Nelson Nigel is a seasoned entrepreneur and has driven passengers for the taxi, limousine, and rideshare services. He is also a father. At Kidmoto, the safety of your children comes first.

To offer parents with small children traveling to the airport convenience and peace of mind on hectic travel days, so they can concentrate on what matters- their families.

To be a respected worldwide ground transportation provider for families with young children.

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Extra Charges

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