Kidmoto respects the user’s privacy, hence we developed this Privacy Policy to show our commitment for maximum mutual protection and security. This will describe the information collected, how to use the information, to whom it could be shared and the users’ choices about uses and disclosures. Read this carefully if you are going to use our website. Upon using our service, you also agree and accept the practices stated in this Privacy Policy. By using our site and the services that we offer at Kidmoto, you are giving us your consent on how we process your personal information as described in this section.

All of the information about our clients and customers will be taken privately and seriously at all times. Our privacy policy is specifically designed to let you know about our practices on data collection, use and disclosure of the data that you can give through our Kidmoto website.


The protection of your children is paramount to use. Please note that the website and services offered by Kidmoto are not directed to children so they would not be eligible to use our website and services. Upon using our kids safety transport service, you have the option to submit us personal information such as your photograph or phone number. In case the rider is below 13 years old, by submitting such information, you confirm that you are the guardian or parent of the child so you have the authority to share to us the information and allow us to use it. Also, you will acknowledge that we will be sharing such information to Kidmoto drivers who will provide you services. They will also gain an access to phone numbers to communicate with riders who are children.

Information collected

We collect information automatically as you visit this website, information that has been sent through the device used in accessing it. Such information include but is not limited to the user’s name, phone number, email address, gender, address, website and comment, in case you have any. Upon providing us your personal information, you are giving us the consent to transfer and store those bits of info on the site’s servers. This information is needed for the user to be able to use and access the site and its services. It would also be used to improve the user’s experience from accessing this site.

How we collect data

There are several ways on collecting your personal information. We can be able to gather and process the following information about you.
• When you register to our site, you need to key in or sign in your name, date of birth and address. This may also include your email address, along with your password, phone number, a record of any kind of correspondence, a record of bookings that you will do via our site, your replies to our surveys or questionnaires for our research purposes, information on financial transaction, or accounting which includes credit card, bank account, or debit account details, data on your visits on our website, and the information that we might require from you when you report any kinds of problem that you would encounter in the site.
• Kidmoto might also collect information through a site or mobile app. By using the service, you also authorize us to gather, retain and parse data related to the provision of the Service.
• We use different technologies in order to collect information coming from your device with regards to your activities in our kids’ safe transportation service.
Aside from that, this privacy policy mainly discloses privacy practices for Kidmoto. It applies solely on information primarily collected by the website. Thus, as the user of this site, you will be notified with the following related information:
♣ How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information.
♣ The procedures placed in the security of this page is included in order to protect the misuse of your information.
♣ What options are available to you related with the use of your data.
♣ What essential information about your personal identity are collected from you through of course, the use of data, and how this identifiable information is being used and with whom it may be allowed to share with.

How We Use the Information

We may use the information to provide customer support and services to every user. They may also be used in resolving problems and even in collecting fees. Collecting such information is also important in order to prevent any possible illegal activity and to improve the services that we offer. With all of the uses that we will do with your personal information, we can ensure you that your data with us will be kept privately and seriously. And, revealing it to unauthorized and unconcerned individuals is and will never be a part of Kidmoto’s vocabulary. Hence, you do not have to fret when providing your details to Kidmoto because we keep our word.

How we use the collected information

There are several ways on how we use the collected information including, but not limited to the following:
• Ensure that we can present the website in the most efficient and effective manner.
• Assist us in doing innovations and improvements. Give you the chance to participate in the site’s features and other amenities.
• Contact and notify you about the changes in our website. To guide us in collecting payment from you and to provide you with a very comfortable and convenient experience.
• Analyze how you utilize our site and how it can be employed for internal research and marketing purposes.
• Manage your account and to provide you customer support as well.
• Conduct analysis and research about your engagement with the app.
• Communicate with you.
• Verify eligibility.
• Exercise or enforce any rights in the Terms of Use.
• Perform services or functions as otherwise described to you.
• Send you updates, notices, and new information based on your choice of mode of communication.

Keep in mind that every information is treated with utmost privacy, without any selling or renting to anyone. Instead, we use your information to directly respond to you in regards also with the reason why you contacted us. Additionally, if there are any changes regarding this privacy policy, or we want to tell about our company specials, new services or products, we will then immediately contact you through the email provided with our information.

Sharing of Information

Kidmoto would only share your personal information in order to respond to legal requirements and claims stating that the listing has violated other people’s rights. However, rest assured that the site would disclose them in accordance to applicable regulations and laws. We would not also disclose them to third parties for marketing purposes without your explicit consent. On the other hand, we may share them to service producers whom we have created a contract with to help us in operating our business and for regulatory or law enforcement agencies as well.

With whom information is your information shared?

• Once you become a user of Kidmoto kids transportation service, your public profile will become viewable to other users. They might view public information that you have provided.
• Personal information will not be shared to others unless indicated in the Privacy Policy. It will only be shared if you will give us permission to do so.


With Kidmoto, your information is secure. Your information is stored on our secured server and we assure that your information is protected with the use of high-end tools such as encryption, passwords and even physical security. These measures are intended to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information as well. This would also prevent the misuse or abuse of your personal information, especially if third parties have access to them. Hence, you can expect us to do our best to keep your information secured and private. To prevent unauthorized disclosure or access, we put suitable managerial, electronic and physical processes in place to effectively secure and protect important information we gather both offline and online.

We may also make some changes to our privacy policy from time to time as we see fit. These changes would be posted on the site. Also, the changes would be effective 30 days after it has been posted. Please be aware that we do not have the obligation to notify you via email regarding these changes. In case you have any queries regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us.

On this account, only employees who require the essential information to perform a particular job, (say for instance, during customer service or billing), are granted/allowed to get access to personally identifiable information.
In addition to that, Kidmoto may carefully check the data as well as change the policy on a regular basis, or if possible, from time to time to ensure that the website page is always updated. From your end, you should also check the page from time to time so you are always in the loop. Ensuring that we are on the same page is key to maximum security.

How We Use Cookies

Generally, a cookie is a piece of file injected on a computer hard drive which aims to ask for permission. Once you agree that the file is already added, a cookie helps you know or analyze web traffic when you used to visit a certain site.
At Kidmoto, we use cookies to identify which pages are being used for the meantime. Say for instance, when you use a cookie to identify you, you wouldn’t have to log in a password thrice or more than, hence you can now save time while you are on our site. Also, it also enables us to target and at the same time track the interest of our website user, making it more beneficial in enhancing the experience of our users.
Overall, cookies help Kidmoto website in providing our users the better experience every now and then. However, if you do not want it on your computer, you can also choose not to accept it, but most website browsers automatically accept this directly upon entering on the site for better experience.

How to access information

Once you have your website account, you could review and also update the personal information you have given through opening the account and going into the settings. Closing the account could also be considered but information will be retained.
Choices about collection and use of information
You have the choice of not providing information to Kidmoto. However, it could result to being unable of utilizing the features and services of this website since information is needed to register in Kidmoto.

How personal information is protected?

Kidmoto ensures the maximum security of users’ personal information. But also bear in mind that no system can be completely secure. You should also be cautious in handling and disclosing personal information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Expect that Kidmoto will update the Privacy Policy occasionally. Once there are changes, the date at the top will change as well depending on when the Privacy Policy has been last updated. If you are a user of Kidmoto, you should also be responsible in terms of checking our site from time to time to be informed with any changes in this Privacy Policy.


After trying our service and you intend to give us feedback, you can share such in adherence with Kidmoto’s Terms of Use, provided that your feedback won’t be associated with any personal information that you’ve given us. Kidmoto will gather information from your feedback and we will deal with your personal information in it according to this Kidmoto Privacy Policy.

Third party sites and services

Kidmoto services may contain links to other relevant sites and services. Kidmoto is not liable for the privacy practices of other sites, though. All the information that we collect through this website will only be used for our services and will never be used for third party websites. We encourage our customers to thoroughly read our Privacy Policy and the policies of other websites that you visit. You must always be careful when choosing whether or not to submit your personal information via the web, particularly in terms of sensitive information such as credit cards and other payment info. While we assure you a convenient way of accessing information from third party websites, it does not mean that we endorse these to third parties, other websites, contents, locations and their services.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions, together with the other documents included here have created the terms of use regarding the use of Kidmoto kids’ safety transport service. Please take some time to read our policy and make sure that you have fully understood them before using our service. Your agreement with our policy is expected upon your first use of our site.

1. Definitions and Interpretation

1.1 In these terms and conditions, the following expressions contain the following meanings:

Means all kinds of text, audio, images, video, code, databases, scripts, software and any other information form that can be stored on a computer that forms part of or appears on our site
Kidmoto, a registered company in New York City whose address that has been registered is at 1231 Lafayette Ave 2nd Floor Suite L401, Bronx, NY 10474.

2. Information About Us

Kidmoto, a kids safety transport service, operates and owns our website,

3. Access to Our Site

3.1 You can access our site for free. No form of payment is required in order for you to gain access or use it.
3.2 You assume the responsibility of making all the necessary arrangements to access our site.
3.3 You can access our site “as is” and it is also on an “as available” basis. We can alter, discontinue or suspend our site or a certain part of it without further notice anytime. We will also not be held liable to you if our site or a part of it is unavailable for a certain period of time.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

4.1 All content in our site as well as its copyright or intellectual property rights fully belongs to us, unless it has been specifically labeled. Applicable intellectual property and United States laws as well as treaties protect our content. All rights are reserved.
4.2 Subject to sub-clauses 4.6 and 4.3, you are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, copy, sell, sub-license, rent, store or re-use our content in any other manner, unless we provide you an express written permission.
4.3 You may:
4.3.1 Access, use and view our site using a web browser or other apps or software with a browsing capability;
4.3.2 Download our site or any part of it for caching;
4.3.3 Print our site’s pages;
4.3.4 Download extracts from our site’s pages; and
4.3.5 Save our site’s pages for later use and/or offline viewing.
4.4 Our owner and author or identified licensors status of the content on our site must be always acknowledged.
4.5 You are not allowed to use any or content from our site downloaded or saved for commercial use without acquiring a license to do so from us. However, normal access, viewing as well as use of our site for acquiring general information, both for consumers or business users is still allowed.
4.6 Our conditions do not limit or exclude the, Designs and Patents Act and 1988, Chapter III of the Copyrights, ‘Acts Permitted in Relation to Copyright Works’ provisions, covering in the making of temporary and personal copies for private use as well as for data and text analysis for non-commercial research; private and research study; criticism, quotation review and news reporting; caricature, pastiche or parody; and incidental copyright material inclusion.

5. Links to Our Site

5.1 You may link to our site provided that:
5.1.1 You do it in a legal and fair manner;
5.1.2 You do not do it in a manner that suggests any endorsement, association or approval form on our part that is none existent;
5.1.3 You do not use our logos or trademarks without our express written permission; and
5.1.4 You do not do so in a way that could damage our reputation.
5.2 [You comply with the Clause 5. remainder] OR

5.2 [Aside from homepage of our site, ______, you are not allowed to link to other pages. You would need our express written permission to Deep-link to other pages.] 5.3 [Embedding or framing our site on other websites is not allowed without our permission. You may contact us for more information.] 5.4 You are not allowed to link other sites on our site containing materials that:
5.4.1 [Is sexually explicit];
5.4.2 Is obscene, hateful, deliberately offensive and inflammatory;
5.4.3 Promotes violence;
5.4.4 Assists or promotes an unlawful activity;
5.4.5 Discriminates or defames a person, class or group of persons, sex, race, religion, disability, nationality, age or sexual orientation;
5.4.6 Threatens, annoys, harasses, alarms, inconvenience, embarrasses or upsets another person;
5.4.7 Created to deceive another person;
5.4.8 Is designed or is likely to infringe or to threaten to infringe the privacy of another person;
5.4.9 Impersonates a person or misrepresents the affiliation or identity of a person to deceive (obvious parodies are not included in this one provided that they do not fall in the other sub-clause 5.4 provisions);
5.4.10 Implies any affiliation form with us that are none existent;
5.4.11 Assists in the infringement or infringes intellectual property rights including but is not limited to trademarks, database and copyright rights) of another party; or
5.4.12 Is made in any legal duty breach owed to a third party including but is not limited to contractual and confidence duties.
5.5 [The sub-clause 5.4 content restrictions do not apply to submitted content to sites by other users, as long as the site’s primary purpose accords to the sub-clause 5.4 provisions.
For example, you are not prohibited from posting links social networking sites on general-purpose merely because other users may post such content. However, you are prohibited from posting website links, focusing or encouraging the user to submit such content.] 6. Links to Other Sites

Our site may include other site links, unless these sites are not under our control. We neither accept nor assume the liability or responsibility for third party sites’ contents. The link to another site on our site does not imply endorsement and is for information use only.

7. Disclaimers

7.1 Our site’s content does not provide advice that you should rely on for it is provided for general information purposes only. Advice from a specialist or professional is still recommended before taking any action regarding posting or advertising. The content can be changed by the advertiser anytime. Before using it, make sure of the product first.
7.2 We do not guarantee or warranty that your requirements would be met by our site is of satisfactory quality, will be fit for a certain purpose, will not infringe third parties’ rights, will be compatible with all hardware and software or will be secure.
7.3 We exert an effort to ensure that our site’s content is accurate, complete and up-to-date, although we do not guarantee it.
7.4 Our site does not constitute a contractual offer for the goods and/or services details provided on our site are intended for general information purposes only.
7.5 We exert an effort to ensure that all pricing information on our site is correct. We reserve the addition or removal of special offers as well as promotions and the right to change the prices from time to time. Reviewing and updating all information is also done any time.
7.6 The products come from third parties. So, all the information can be changed. See the product physically for we are not responsible for any changes that occurred.
7.7 We do not guarantee that the services and/or goods shown on our site will be available from us. Contact us if you want to inquire regarding the availability of it.

8. Our Liability

8.1 We held no liability to any user for any damage or loss, whether foreseeable or in contract, tort including negligence, statutory duty breach, arising in connection or out of the use of or inability to use our site or the reliance or the use of any content included on our site.
8.2 In observance of the rules and regulations that the law mandates, we do not merit any and all kinds of warranties, guarantees, and representations (implicit or explicit) that applies to our website or whatever content within the premise of our site.
8.3 [We are a non-commercial site]. This, therefore, means that we will not be held liable for any circumstance of sales, business, or profit losses whatsoever experienced by a commercial user. This also includes our right to be excluded from any liabilities such as business opportunity losses, loss of reputation, loss of prospective income or savings, operational disturbances and/or damages due to a user’s intent to utilize our site for commercial purposes.
8.4 Our company observes full implementation of safeguarding our website from any sort of digital viruses and malware. In the event however that a user suffers from loss or damage of digital files, data, and properties due to the utilization of our site or other sites that are linked with us for various purposes which include (but are not limited to), browsing or content downloading, we do not accept liability of it.
8.5 We will not be held liable or be responsible for any disturbances or unavailability of our website due to external factors such as failure of the ISP or host equipment, failure of communication channels, restrictions and/or censorship set by law, or force majeure.
8.6 These policies include our responsibility for fraudulent misrepresentations and actions, personal injury or death caused by our irresponsible operations (intentional or unintentional), or whatever circumstances by which we are deemed liable as the law as well as our standards mandate.

9. Security against Malware and Viruses

9.1 As being implied in the condition under sub-statement 8.4, our company is observing and implementing full measures to safeguard our site against digital viruses and any other form of malware. As much as we would like our site to be free from any of these, we cannot assure users however that our website will always be safeguarded from all forms of digital viruses and malware, and therefore, we do not assume or accept accountability on negative instances resulting from the use of our site.
9.2 The protection and security of software, hardware, or any other materials that might be affected by viruses and malware is under the responsibility of the user.
9.3 We give no rights for any users to introduce malware, viruses, or any forms of digital threats into or through our website.
9.4 We give no rights for any users to obtain illegal access to any portions of our website, the server where our site has been stored (or any other digital servers) and databases relevant to our website.
9.5 We give no rights for any users to conduct any forms of attacks against our site by way of a distributed denial service attack, a denial or service attack, or by any and all other ways.
9.6 Any users who breach the terms and conditions stated under 9.3 to 9.5 (weather intentional or not) commit a criminal offense as stated under the “Computer Misuse Act of 1990”. Unlawful acts in the use of our site shall be directed to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The company by all means will fully cooperate with these agencies and has the authority to expose the identity as well as information in the custody of our site regarding users who commit such criminal acts. The moment you commit such breaches, you will automatically be restricted from the use of our website.

10. Policy on Acceptable Usage

10.1 Users must only utilize our website in ways and purposes allowed by law.
10.1.1 Users must fully abide by the rules and regulations set by international, national, or local laws:
10.1.2 Users should never utilize our website in any form of fraudulent or unlawful intent whatsoever;
10.1.3 Users are not permitted to utilize our site to knowledgeably transmit or upload information containing viruses and any forms of malware that are created to negatively affect software, hardware or any part of the computer; and
10.1.4 Users should never use our website in any means and purposes that will harm an individual or people in any intentional or unintentional ways.
10.2. We have all the rights to terminate or suspend a user’s access to our website, particularly if there is a probable breaching on the terms and conditions under Clause 10 or other conditions. We have the right to impose the following sanctions:
10.2.1 Permanently or temporarily suspend a user’s access on our website;
10.2.2 Send a user a written reprimand;
10.2.3 Employ lawful actions against the user’s offenses for fines and any other related monetary reimbursements in the basis of an insurance resulting from the violation;
10.2.4 Pursue any appropriate further legal proceedings against the user;
10.2.5 Expose the data to the law enforcement agencies if being required or if we see it logically essential; and/or
10.2.6 All other measures and counter-measures which we believe in accordance with the law.
10.3 Our company shall not be held liable in all damages resulting from the user’s violations of the above provisions as we take actions on such offenses.

11. Cookies and Privacy

We also have our own privacy and cookie policies that govern the utilization of our website. Such provisions are embedded within these terms and conditions in reference to this.

12. Terms and Conditions Amendments

12.1 We reserve the rights to amend these terms and conditions any time. Amendments shall bind users who will be using our website as early as the amendments have been made. Therefore, users are instructed to verify this site at any time possible.
12.2 In case the modified version of the terms and conditions gets in conflict with the earlier versions, the current terms and conditions shall take effect, unless expressed otherwise.

13. Contact Us

You may contact us via ______ or through any other methods available in our contact page.

14. Communications with Our Team

14.1 In case you have your contact information, our team may send you notifications via mail at any time we deem necessary. Such notifications may include modifications on our services or amendments in these policies.
14.2 Our Team will never send any kind of marketing emails to you without your permission. In case you have provided us your permission, you may expect for our emails at any time. All our marketing emails may come with unsubscribe links. In case you opt to receive from our teams, feel free to send us an email.
14.3 For your inquiries and/or complaints regarding communications from our team, you may reach us via ____________ or send an email to _____________.

15. Data Protection

15.1 All personal data that our team may acquire shall be gathered, utilized, and, kept in accordance with the provisions under the “Data Protection Act of 1998” as well as our responsibilities and your rights under this law.
15.2 Our Team may utilize your personal data for the following purposes:
15.2.1 Give you a reply on your message to us;
15.2.2 Forward essential notifications, as mentioned in Clause 14;
15.2.3   Forward marketing e-mails/newsletters to you.
15.3 Our team will not send your personal data to third parties without your approval.

16. Jurisdiction and Law

16.1 Our relationship with you as well as these terms and conditions (contractual or not) are construed and governed by the law.
16.2       If you are a consumer, any disputes concerning these terms and conditions, the relationship between you and us, or any matters arising therefrom or associated therewith (whether contractual or otherwise) shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts, as determined by your residency.
16.2 Our relationship with you as well as these terms and conditions (contractual or not), you being the consumer, all matters shall be under the jurisdiction of the courts, depending on your address.
16.3 In case you are an organization or a business, our relationship with you as well as these terms and conditions and all disputes therewith (contractual or not) shall be under the jurisdiction of the courts.


Kidmoto is now on its peak as the most reputable safe transport website for kids on the web and we are proud to say that we have gained an eminent goodwill and trust from customers. We are recognized as one of the most visited user-friendly sites. We make it easier for families to get in touch with our newest products and services, along with the best features at the same time. Thus, we also provide links to articles and blogs that direct the visitor to the page they are looking for. Moreover, millions and millions of users prefer to visit Kidmoto for our exemplary features and affordable services for kids safe transport.
At Kidmoto, we are after the mutual protection of our website and users. Hence, we created this Privacy Policy in order to make sure that Kidmoto and every user is on the same page. We expect that you take enough time to read this Privacy Policy and understand all the details that are included in it for our mutual benefit.

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