Out of Town Service

Family trips? Traveling out of town?

Is your family looking for out of town trips? Are you going to see relatives out of the city? Kidmoto can help.  Kidmoto provides special rates for out-of-town trips. For more details, email support@kidmoto.taxi

A family vacation is a wonderful way to bond and reconnect with your family members. Everyone is busy with their own lives. Concerns with work and school may cause the family members to lose touch with each other even if we all live under the same roof. Family outings give everyone time to relax and re-establish the ties that bind.

Traveling out of town will entail a lot of preparation. Aside from choosing an exciting destination that everyone will enjoy, you also have to think about how to get there. Hiring your own car rental vehicle is the best option when traveling long distances. You can travel at your own pace and time unlike when you go with a tour group or take the public transportation. You can even take little side trips along the way or stop for gas and food. Those little side trips could add to the excitement of your journey.

Vehicles from car rental companies are very reliable in terms of maintenance, but they do not provide installed car seats. Kidmoto partner drivers operate well-maintained vehicles and furthermore, they provide harnessed and installed car seats. So even during longer journeys, you won’t have to worry about car seats, safety or engine trouble that can delay your schedule. You will arrive at your destination safely and in comfort.

Kidmoto also offers special rates for out-of-town trips. Just email for more information.
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