Kidmoto offers passengers a choice of three different vehicle categories, depending on how many car seats passengers require. Kidmoto connects passengers with sedans, minivans and large SUVs for safe transport. With Kidmoto, you can now request everyday vehicles with drivers who provide and professionally install car seats. Larger vehicles can accommodate extra luggage, strollers, etc. The choice is up to you!

Your peace of mind is important to us. Kidmoto Driver-Partners must pass stringent multiple-point vehicle inspections to work on our team. These mechanical assessments ensure that the vehicles are safe and mechanically sound. Additionally, car seats are inspected for damage and cleaned regularly.

Kidmoto driver-partners provide convertible car seats installed for children in 3 different vehicle categories. Sedans drivers offer 1-2 car seats and room for a total of 4 passengers. Minivan and SUV providers offer up to 4 child seats for up to 6 or 7 passengers.

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How it Works

  Kidmoto drivers provide fully convertible car seats. The car seats are made with a steel frame which includes aluminum reinforced sidewalls...

Extra Charges

Wait Time: $.50 per minute Tolls: Tolls vary per bridge or tunnel, or expressway. Taxes: Taxes are paid to applicable government institutions...