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Moms understand that safety is always a concern, especially when it comes to their kids. More so, moms are the reason for our services. Kidmoto created a network of professionally trained drivers that install car seats for airport transportation. .

This is a big help for traveling families. Kidmoto drivers pick you up at your location and take you to the airport with one less thing to worry about. Or, when you arrive at the airport, we will be waiting for you with a ride prepared with your whole family’s safety in mind.

Got a blog?

Want to write about a topic you believe would interest Kidmoto readers? Feel free to email us at contribute@kidmoto. We accept content on the following fields: family travels, kid safety, transportation, rideshare news and stories, child seats, parenting, and other relevant niches. Got a personal story you’d like to share or do you have actionable tips, expert information, how-to’s, and other helpful insights? Kidmoto wants to hear from you!

Guest posts must be between 500 to 1500 words, original, and not yet published elsewhere. Kidmoto reserves the right to screen guest post pitches.

To get started, send us an email with the following:

Subject: Guest Post Proposal – [Proposed Title/Topic] – [Your Name]

  • Proposed Topic/Title
  • Attached article (in MS Word format)
  • Your brief bio (not more than 25 words), together with your Twitter and LinkedIn contact info

Note: We do not accept press releases.

What if my article was approved for publication?

Approved articles will also undergo editing for conciseness and clarity as well as to adhere to the Kidmoto house style. The headline may also be changed, so you might also want to come up with various title suggestions.

You, the author, retain copyright and may republish your article on your blog or company’s website afterwards. Should this be the case, please cite Kidmoto and link to the original post on this site.

Kidmoto may also reprint your article, with complete attribution, in Kidmoto marketing materials and products.

Kidmoto does not pay guest bloggers for articles written. However, you will get the chance to be recognized within our social circle and may be able to network with other like-minded bloggers through Kidmoto events. Protection Status

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