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Your children might not even know why car seats are needed. Or, parents like you might even be puzzled how to choose the right car seat. Furthermore, you might not be sure how seats are properly installed. Car safety for kids is sometimes confusing. That’s why Kidmoto is here. At Kidmoto, your child’s safety is our main concern. We have an understanding about the importance of car safety, whether you prefer to use our vehicles or not. We are pleased to provide you with the most relevant information about car safety seats.

The Best Car Seats for Kids
If want a double layer of safety for your kids on your next trip, there are basic rules you must know when it comes to car seats:

Rear-facing Car Seats
Recent studies show that kids younger than two are less prone to car injury accident fatalities when they are in a rear-facing car seat. So, if your child has just celebrated his first birthday, it’s best if he rides in a rear-facing car seat as long as possible.

But How Long is ‘as Long as Possible’?
There are some rear-facing seats that are suitable for children up to 50 pounds, and are converted to forward-facing position if the child already reached the height and weight limit. It’s ok to see your kid’s legs and feet propped up on the car seat.

Forward-facing Car Seats
If your child’s legs appear crowded on the rear-facing car seat, or he has already reached the seat’s height and weight limit, it’s time to switch to a forward-facing one. One tip: Always make sure that your child has a harness that’s as long as possible.

Booster seats
So, your child is school-age. During rides, protect your precious passenger in a booster seat. Make sure the belt fits properly. According to a new study, children from 4 to 8 years old are much safer when using booster seats, compared to seatbelts alone. Kids who are in belt-positioned boosters were 45% less prone to a serious injury, in the event of an accident.

Kidmoto Car Seats
For your peace of mind, Kidmoto car seats are all tested by NCAP, the industry standard for child safety performance in the event of road accidents. Whether you need a rear-facing car seat, forward-facing car seat, or booster seats, each product has all the necessary features for the safety of your little ones. We have a wide range of convertible seats that you can choose from.

Highly-trained Installers
At Kidmoto, we have highly trained drivers who can seamlessly install any car seat in as fast as 5 minutes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a rear-facing or forward-facing position; our seat installers have mastered it.

Peace of mind
As loving parents, we understand that you always want the safest trips for your kids. Kidmoto is your partner in ensuring that your precious passenger will be safe on the road with you.

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