Applicant Screening for Guaranteed Safety

Kidmoto provides safe airport transportation for families with young children in need of secured car seats. There is nothing more important than your family’s safety. Kidmoto driver-partners are vetted, trained, qualified and professional individuals that have undergone a background screening process to ensure a safe environment for customers.

Intensive Background Checks

Background screening is mandatory for each driver-partner applicant. These background searches are very important in making sure that customers are provided with a safe environment.
Kidmoto screens via state sex offender registry searches, national sex offender registry search, county criminal searches, the national criminal database search, a global terrorist watch list search, and a motor vehicle report.

Motor Vehicle Reports

Aside from personal background registry searches, Kidmoto also screens a driver’s motor vehicle record. Motor vehicle records provide information on the applicant’s driving history. Other information may also be present in the report, such as the driver’s license information, vehicle license status, point history, violations, convictions, and driving records.


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