The Kidmoto Team

Nelson Nigel

CEO & Founder of Kidmoto

Nelson Nigel is a former executive in the construction procurement field, a former real estate developer and in 2008, he lost, he became a NYC Yellow Taxi Driver and later an UBER driver after the economy bottomed out. He proceeded to start Head Exposed providing online informational content covering supplier diversity in government contracting.  He started Head Technologies in 2014 providing government to constituent and government to employee technology services. In 2016 He closed Head Technologies to start Kidmoto Technologies by way of pizza and cup noodles.


Celine Bernadette Francisco

Chief Content Officer

Celine Bernadette Francisco, KIDMOTO’s chief marketing officer/content strategist, possesses more than 10 years experience in writing various types of articles (news, features, poetry, editorials, web content, sales pages, press releases, blog posts, article spins, e-books, e-mail marketing content, etc.) and editing. She likewise has experience in project management/account management, specializing in SEO/web content writing projects. Through her years in the web industry, she has also engaged in internet marketing and content strategy. Believing that content and marketing go hand in hand, Celine fused KIDMOTO’s marketing efforts with the website’s/company’s content strategy. She firmly believes in developing a sense of community through content. Through this, she continues to strive for excellence as she delivers quality content, manages KIDMOTO’s freelance/part-time contractors, and promotes a good working environment to her colleagues.”


Alvin Rey Granada

Senior Software Engineer

Current Web Developer and Designer at Kidmoto Technologies.  6 years experience as a full stack developer. Creates websites from scratch with Photoshop/Illustrator to WordPress. Knowledgeable in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP and Responsive design.

Vinay Kumar

Chief Search Officer

Vinay Kumar, KIDMOTO’s SEO Specialist, has 10 years experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing. He is well versed in managing content marketing and internet marketing as a whole, he has integrated video marketing, link building, keyword research, traffic, rankings analysis, as well as project management plans to his various endeavors. He likewise engaged in organic SEO marketing campaigns on different niches. As of the latest, Vinay has also been involved in business development for SEO projects, handling direct leads generated through various websites, and writing blog and website contents. Moreover, he has experience on website promotion, which includes the following: article marketing, news updating and news feeds, HTML optimization, site traffic and web stat analysis. Vinay continues to apply his internet marketing skills on internet marketing as a vital member of Kidmoto Technologies.


Karen Gutierrez

Communications Officer

Current Digital Communications Officer at Kidmoto Technologies.  Studied computer science at the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Former Digital Communications Officer for Head Technologies and Head Exposed. Former senior programmer in the Accenture Manila Delivery Center, RR Donnelly Project, specializing in mainframes using COBOL as the programming language and SQL DB2 as the database platform. Former technical support representative for Hewlett-Packard for 1 year.

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