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Kidmoto drivers provide fully convertible car seats. The car seats are made with a steel frame which includes aluminum reinforced sidewalls and is padded throughout with shock-absorbing EPS foam. The car seats are rated for children from 5 pounds to 110 pounds.

Professional Drivers.
Kidmoto driver-partners are safety conscious and defensive drivers. Kidmoto drivers undergo extensive car seat harnessing and installation training by federally certified car seat technicians. The drivers are all screened with extensive background checks.

Book Now.
Tell us your pickup point, how many car seats you need and we’ll be there on time. We are just a click away!

Have an enjoyable, stress-free trip. Book our services today and keep your child safe and happy. Visit today for a price quote and information on the range of services we offer. Book a car with a child seat in New York and get ready for joyful and fun-filled holidays! Protection Status

Need a car to the airport? Traveling with young children? Kidmoto provides airport car transportation service for families in New York with harnessed and installed child safety seats in every vehicle. Reserve a ride on our app- it’s quick and easy.

So why wait? Book a car with a child seat in New York City now! Download our mobile app on iTunes or Play Store today. No mobile device? Use our convenient web form instead.


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Extra Charges

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