What is Kidmoto?

Kidmoto provides for safe children airport car transportation with secure car seats. The Kidmoto app
connects passengers seeking secure car seats to the Kidmoto network of professionally trained drivers
that provide installed car seats for airport transportation services.


How to use Kidmoto?

Using Kidmoto is a breeze, Download the Kidmoto App and reserve a ride. You can also book a ride via
www.kidmoto.taxi directly.

 How will I know if a ride has been scheduled?

Kidmoto confirmation emails are sent immediately after a ride is booked.


How far will Kidmoto drive?

Kidmoto is currently a NYC based service and generally covers a 100-mile radius from Manhattan, NY.
However, Kidmoto provides for special out of town requests, email support@kidmoto.taxi for more
information. There is no set rule with the maximum distance Kidmoto Kidmoto partner drivers drive.

Are there places Kidmoto drivers won’t go to?

Kidmoto services a 100-mile radius from Manhattan, NY. Kidmoto drivers will not enter private areas
where drivers are prohibited from entering.

Do you inspect Kidmoto driver’s vehicles?

Kidmoto highly values safety. Hence, Kidmoto applies a strict standard when evaluating a driver-
partner’s vehicle.

What do Kidmoto drivers do when kids misbehave or get sick?

Kidmoto drivers are instructed to pull over to a safe area on the road.

What if my child needs to use the restroom during a ride?

Kidmoto drivers are instructed to pull over to a safe area on the road when available. Kidmoto
recommends parents to advise their kids to visit the restroom first before the ride.

Are Kidmoto car seats safe?

Definitely, at Kidmoto, Kidmoto uses premium car seats which are tested and certified by NCAP crash
testing standard. Meaning, all Kidmoto vehicles have maximum safety and operability even during
extreme accident conditions.

 Are Kidmoto drivers skilled in the installation of car seats?

Kidmoto is proud of the team of professional car seat installers. Kidmoto drivers are highly trained in the
installation of car seats.

 Are Kidmoto vehicles on time?

At Kidmoto, Kidmoto value time. Kidmoto abide by the following procedure. First, a driver accepts
reservation request up to two days prior to the scheduled ride. Then, drivers individually track the
flights. In the event that something happens causing delay, The Kidmoto system automatically reassigns
the ride to the nearest driver in Kidmoto network.

 Are Kidmoto cars easy to identify?

Kidmoto partner drivers and passengers can both easily contact each other via the app. Each party can
call each other to schedule pickup.

 How can I be confident that my kid is safe?

Kidmoto partner drivers are rigorously trained to properly harness and install our convertible car seats
from 5 pounds to 110 pounds.

 Is Kidmoto insured?


 Can I talk to previous Kidmoto users?

No, in order to protect passenger identity Kidmoto will not provide anyone confidential passenger
information. However, you can visit the internet for past customer feedback and reviews.

 Can I request for a special route?

Yes, email support@kidmoto.taxi for more information.

 What are drivers instructed to do in the event of accidents?

Kidmoto drivers are instructed to stop the car and park at the side of the road and call the authorities.
They are also instructed to immediately get in touch with Kidmoto driver support team.

 What if my child has to use a booster seat?

Kidmoto provides fully convertible car seats with settings up to 110 pounds in booster mode.

 Do I need to have a smartphone?

In order to use the ride app, you need to have a tablet or smartphone. Keep in mind that you may
schedule Kidmoto rides through www.kidmoto.taxi

 Do you provide car seats?

 What is Kidmoto kid’s ride cancellation policy?

Kidmoto provides a fair cancellation policy because life happens. Passengers experience flight delays,
flight redirects, changes in plans, kids getting sick and more. With that, you may cancel Kidmoto request
anytime up to two hours prior to the scheduled ride, without cancellation fee. However, if your
reservation has been matched to one of Kidmoto driver-partners and you have canceled the request
under two hours prior to the ride, then you have to pay the Kidmoto cancellation fee.


 What is the cancellation fee? $35 USD

 How much does Kidmoto cost?

Kidmoto charges a premium to ensure premium service.

 How do I pay for every ride?

Kidmoto will charge the credit on file once the ride has been completed.

 When do I get charged?

Please take note that Kidmoto only charge you if and only if the ride has already been completed.
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