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Kidmoto is more than just a limousine or a chauffeured car service. It is a child-friendly, safety-conscious airport transfer service catering to families who travel with their children. Enjoying a cruise does not necessarily mean that the vacation has ended. You don’t need to exit the cruise line terminal waiting for a ride along with several thousand other passengers.

The hassle of getting a ride can be tiring and irritating, most especially if you have children with you. Give us a call beforehand, or better yet schedule a ride with Kidmoto to pick you up when you disembark from a cruise. You will have a vehicle waiting for you, on time and on schedule.

The best time to schedule Kidmoto is not after a cruise. Instead, you should schedule a Kidmoto ride before you embark on the cruise. Enjoy your cruise, delight in the endless water, and the interesting stops. When you get back, your Kidmoto ride would be waiting for you at the terminal. Every other limousine and chauffeured car service does that. What they do not have is that we come prepared for your little children. You tell us how many little kids or babies you have with you on the trip, and we will have the same number of booster seats and baby seats installed in the vehicle. To top it off, Kidmoto partner drivers are trained to drive with extra care because you deserve it.

Safe, hassle-free and kid-friendly, this is what Kidmoto is all about. We make sure that your babies are safe, and that you are picked up on time at the cruise terminal. We go the extra mile for you not just in terms of being there, but also for your kids and babies.

Book a ride now by scheduling it through our website or app. Protection Status

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